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[20 Apr 2019 | Comments Off on “TETELESTAI … It is finished!” | ]

TETELESTAI … It is finished!”
The Greek word τετελεσμαι (TETELESTAI) derives from τελέω (teléo), which means: to finish, to complete, to execute, to conclude, to realize, to pay.
The expression “TETELESTAI” was used by the Greeks in various ways to say:

• “The task is fulfilled! (Servant)
• “Justice is done! (Judge)
• “The debt is paid! (Accountant)
• “The picture is completed! (Artist)
The Gospel of John, written in Greek, tells us that “Jesus, knowing that everything had been accomplished, said:” It is finished! “And bowing his head, he gave up the spirit” (John 19: 28-30).
By …

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[11 Aug 2009 | One Comment | ]

As I mentioned in the announcement that I published on August 4, 2009 (see post titled: “Teleseminar: Healing a Broken Heart”), last Thursday (August 6, 2009) I was interviewed in a Teleseminar on “How to heal a broken heart”.
The interview was supposed to be conducted by Lynne Lee, “Christian Life Coaching, UK”, but because of some technical problems, she wasn’t able to be on the phone line.
Fortunately Dr. Jerry Graham, of “The Coaching Pair”, was on the call and he was able to step in and do …

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[2 May 2009 | Comments Off on Thank you for participating to our Inaugural Webinar! | ]

This is a heart felt “thank you” to all of you who participated at our Inaugural Webinar “Healing Broken Hearts”, on April 30, 2009.
It was a moving experience for us to receive some of your immediate positive responses and encouragement to carry on with similar Webinars in the near future. As we announced during the  Webinar, there will be more coming soon, but meanwhile we wanted to let you know that those of you who missed the call will be able to listen to the Inauguaral Webinar in this same …