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[25 Nov 2011 | 2 Comments | ]

Our life on earth is a continuous journey towards unexplored places, unknown paths and new horizons that open up to us at every step we take. Behind every bend on the road, there are always new challenges to face and mountains to climb, new oceans to explore and new goals to reach. This is what makes life exciting and worth living!
No one can boast of tomorrow, because “you know not what a day may bring” (Prov. 27:1). Overnight, the economic situation can collapse and those who have “built their house …

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[25 Oct 2011 | 2 Comments | ]

When speaking of the heart, most people refer to it as being the central core of their being and consider it the “compass” of their life! You often hear people say: “Do what your heart tells you to do!” or “Go where your heart leads you to go!”, not realizing the magnitude of such a statement! Does your heart really know the right thing to do or the right way to follow?
It all depends on what voice it’s paying attention to! Is it listening to selfish desires? Or is it …

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[7 Aug 2011 | One Comment | ]

There is an amazing place where each one of us can find peace in our heart and joy in our life, by inhaling its scent and expressing our gratitude for everything we experience in life every day! Life is truly wonderful, worthy to be lived and enjoyed to the full, not only its full length, but also its full depth! We can appreciate each experience every day, no matter how long we will live! What matters is not how long, but how well we live!
The quality of life is more …

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[22 Jun 2011 | One Comment | ]

We have all had a dream in our heart that we wanted to achieve in life, but that for some reason we had put aside, resigning ourselves to it being “impossible”, either because we ceased to believe in it, or because someone told us that it was “impossible” to achieve … What about you? Have you ever had an “impossible dream”?
There is a beautiful song, entitled “The Impossible Dream” and made famous by a musical movie made in 1972, “Man of La Mancha”, which really impacted my youth. It depicted the …

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[6 Jun 2011 | Comments Off on It’s like being married! | ]

While reading over the last reflection I published, “What difference between BC and AD?“, I realized that the answer to that question is simple: it’s like being married!
It’s the difference between living alone as a single, when we are not accountable to anyone of the way we live or what we do, vs. deciding to share our life with the one we love and, therefore, not only thinking of ourselves anymore, but seeking what can make both of us happy! I think this might be a simple but clear answer to anyone …

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[5 May 2011 | 2 Comments | ]

One thing that always used to puzzle me, even before my own personal life-transforming encounter with the living Son of God, it’s that even unbelievers have to date each day from the approximate appearance of Jesus Christ into the world. What is that most people even unknowingly refer to, when they write today’s date on their documents? They are counting the years since the birth of Jesus Christ, which means that today (May 5, 2011) should be about 2011 years since Jesus was born!
When trying to pinpoint any event in …

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[23 Apr 2011 | Comments Off on Easter: A vision beyond the passion! | ]

While preparing to celebrate Easter, many at this time remember the passion of Christ, putting particular emphasis on the pain and suffering that He experienced before dying on the cross. Although the price was certainly high, and could only be paid by the One who was Whom He claimed to be, it’s important to note that Jesus did it with joy, having His eyes fixed on the end results, not on “the sufferings of this present time that are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed …

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[24 Jan 2011 | One Comment | ]

I know some people that, like me, have the habit of starting a new year by setting goals to reach, only to realize a few months later that things are not progressing according to their expectations … What is it that went wrong and did not work? Is it that they were not really convinced of their goals in the first place, perhaps because these were imposed on them? Or did they lack persistence in keeping in line with their objectives in their daily decisions?
As a Life Coach, I could ask you …

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[1 Jan 2011 | 3 Comments | ]

New Year is a great time to take stock of the past year and set goals for the next. As we explained in our “New Year’s Eve Ceremony” last year, my wife and I like to take some time at the end of each year to first reflect on the past year, asking ourselves what are we most thankful for and thanking God for what He has done, and then on the new year, asking ourselves what we would like to see happening and turning these aspirations into prayers.
As we do this, we …

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[23 Dec 2010 | 2 Comments | ]

Last year, on Dec. 21, 2009, I wrote an article entitled: “Two perceptions, two realities“, which could have easily been written again this year, because it told of a very difficult trip on snow-filled roads, something that happened again this year in even bigger proportions, on almost the exact same date! As we drove back home from Switzerland, after being away from home for more than two weeks, we got stuck for many hours on the highway, but it refreshed me to go back and read again the words of …