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[25 May 2014 | Comments Off on The precious value of friendship! | ]

The best investment you can ever make in life is not financial, but in building good relationships. There are only two things that can be accumulated in life: goods or friends. People who try to gather goods, and to always have more, will never be fully satisfied, but they will always miss something in life… Those instead who gather friends, and try to be good friends to others, will never be alone in life.
The day before yesterday (May 23, 2014), I crossed a major landmark, having turned 60, and I …

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[17 Jun 2013 | Comments Off on Build your life on solid ground! | ]

Ever since I discovered that behind Creation there’s an “Intelligent Design” and life on earth is not a coincidence, but it has a specific purpose, I devoted myself to a careful study of the Sacred Scriptures, convinced that in them we can find all the clues that are needed to fulfill our destiny. Just as every human invention first started with a project and then it was carefully assembled in each of its parts for a specific purpose, even so our life has a purpose that we can discover as we …

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[29 Apr 2013 | Comments Off on Learn to enjoy your life journey! | ]

Life is a journey and, if you learn to enjoy the sights and take time to build new relationships with the interesting people you meet along the way, you will never get bored and will always be able to look forward to “what’s next”? Just keep your eyes open to what it has in store for you, and be ready to receive the golden opportunities that are coming your way! They are sent by your loving Creator, who has a destiny for you to fulfill and is guiding each of …