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[12 Oct 2012 | Comments Off on Is there a purpose for your life? | ]

Have you ever asked yourself important life questions, such as: “Why am I here?”, “Is there a reason for me to live?”, “Does my life have any kind of purpose?” I’m sure you must have at some stage of your life, because most people do! Perhaps you were too young at that time to embark in a discovery journey, or maybe you were simply told to “not worry about it, because there’s no answer”, and to “enjoy life while you have it”, so you decided to ignore those questions and …

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[3 Sep 2012 | One Comment | ]

We live in an era in which often a person is not identified by his/her name and surname, but by an Alpha-numerical Code, whether a Tax or Passport Number, or a User ID or Access Code, depending on the circumstances. Even in hospitals nowadays, at least here in Italy, when it’s your turn to be called into the doctor’s room, they don’t use your name any longer, but a serial number, due to “privacy laws”! Right or wrong, those who have been forced in a hospital bed know how it …

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[7 Aug 2012 | 2 Comments | ]

There’s  bench in everyone’s life, where we each sit awaiting for a train to take us to our destiny! Some of us are sitting on that bench with eyes filled with hope, knowing in our heart that the train will arrive any time now. Others are sitting there with eyes full of regrets, feeling that it’s too late, they have missed the train and there is no time left for them to fulfill their destiny. Yet others are sitting on their benches with desperate looks, wondering if there’s even such …