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“TETELESTAI … It is finished!”

TETELESTAI … It is finished!” The Greek word τετελεσμαι (TETELESTAI) derives from τελέω (teléo), which means: to finish, to complete, to execute, to conclude, to realize, to pay. The expression “TETELESTAI” was used by the Greeks in various ways to say: • “The task is fulfilled! (Servant) • “Justice is done! (Judge) • “The debt… Read More »“TETELESTAI … It is finished!”

The road to abundance is sharing!

It has been a long time since I published some Words From Jesus, but this morning (January 18, 2017), the Lord told me explicitly to “share this principle with the world, and remind them that the road to abundance is NOT withholding, but SHARING”! So here it is … Morning Prayer: Abba, Father, there’s nothing more precious… Read More »The road to abundance is sharing!

A Wish for Peace at Christmas!

The Christmas season is here again and, as every year at this time, people all over the world are getting ready to have a party and celebrate this very special event by inviting their relatives or friends for dinner or for even just a slice of cake. The atmosphere of festivity is everywhere, with streets… Read More »A Wish for Peace at Christmas!

The cross is a free choice!

We are approaching Easter, the most important feast of the year for Christians, because we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. The world has largely managed to secularize Christmas, replacing most references to the birth of Jesus with gift shopping, decorations, and so on, but thank God it finds it harder to eliminate the memory of… Read More »The cross is a free choice!

Ready to launch you into a new day!

It has been a long time since I published some of the encouraging “Words From Jesus” that He speaks to my heart, when I get up early in the morning and take time to hear His voice and to record what He tells me in my spiritual journaling! This is a practice that I started since… Read More »Ready to launch you into a new day!

Did you miss Christmas this year?

This week the whole world has been celebrating Christmas, which is the most celebrated season of the year in the world, but I wonder how many might have missed a real Christmas this year! Sometimes we can be going through all the motions of celebrating Christmas, and even have a fun Christmas party with our… Read More »Did you miss Christmas this year?

Christian Marriage Coach Training!

Christian Marriage Coach Training In Just 10 Weeks You Can Train To Help Couples Grow And Change By Becoming A Certified Marriage Coach Through “Live” Distance Learning With An Instructor! Christian Marriage Coach Training is a more natural and effective way to help couples get focused and get moving forward in their relationships. Using active listening… Read More »Christian Marriage Coach Training!

The precious value of friendship!

The best investment you can ever make in life is not financial, but in building good relationships. There are only two things that can be accumulated in life: goods or friends. People who try to gather goods, and to always have more, will never be fully satisfied, but they will always miss something in life…… Read More »The precious value of friendship!

Life, Death and Resurrection!

Every year, during the Easter season, there are people all over the world who remember the passion and the death of Jesus Christ on the cross and wonder what prompted Him to sacrifice His life for us! It’s obvious that on that cross Jesus was not a victim, because He said: “No one takes My… Read More »Life, Death and Resurrection!

What Christmas gift will you give Him?

Another Christmas is here and, despite of the economic crisis, many are rushing around, like they always do at this time of the year, for the last minute shopping to buy gifts for each other before their Christmas party. Thus is sad, because Christmas is meant to be Jesus’ birthday, yet few are thinking of… Read More »What Christmas gift will you give Him?