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[24 May 2010 | Comments Off on WvJ: Die ersten Früchte deiner Zeit! | ]

Meine Geliebten, zögert nicht am Morgen als erstes zu Mir zu kommen, denn Ich warte, dass du kommst und Meinen Frieden in dir findest. Du musst dich nicht durch den Tag kämpfen und dich fragen, ob du das Richtige tust oder ob du das Beste versäumst das Ich für dich habe. Komm nur zu Mir und ehre Mich mit deiner besten Zeit, den ersten Früchten deines Tages, bevor sich alles in Bewegung setzt und du von jeder Seite gezogen wirst von den Dingen die du tun musst.
Lerne es zu …

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[23 Jul 2009 | Comments Off on WFJ: True satisfying love! | ]

My heart reaches out to the lost and lonely people in the world who are desperate for love, for true love, for the only real love that will ever satisfy and fill the emptiness of their hearts, My love! These are wandering from place to place, from arms to arms, and sadly from bed to bed, in their desperate search for what they think will soothe the aching void they feel inside, the love of their lives, but always finding that something is missing! That’s because not even the greatest …

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[22 Jul 2009 | Comments Off on WFJ: Quietness and confidence! | ]

Quietness means slowing down, stopping what you are doing, sitting quietly somewhere, or taking a walk in the park, or in the fields, or along the beach, so that you can come before My presence with praise, the key that opens the gates of Heaven and welcomes you right into My courts, before My throne of grace.
Praise is the key that opens My gates and introduces you into My presence!
Open to me the gates of righteousness: I will go into them, and I will praise the LORD: …

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[21 Jul 2009 | Comments Off on WFJ: My yoke is easy | ]

If you were to tackle the amount of work that you have to do on your own, with your little strength and capability, then I would understand why you feel overwhelmed, but you have to remember that you are not alone in this! You don’t have to struggle alone through your day, for I’m right here beside you to help you and to make each job easy for you, if you will allow Me! My Spirit can give you the insight of what to do, how to do it, and …

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[18 Jul 2009 | Comments Off on WFJ: Showers of blessings! | ]

Don’t be afraid to be carried away by the wild wind of My spirit, for it “blows where it wants; and you can hear the sound thereof, but cannot tell from where it comes, and where it goes: so is for every one that is born of the Spirit!” (John 3.8)
Follow Me wherever My Spirit leads you, and you will truly be one of My followers of today! Like in the days that I was on earth, I’m not calling those who are bound by the religious letter of …

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[17 Jul 2009 | Comments Off on WFJ: A “net” to catch multitudes! | ]

Continue to honor Me with your faithfulness in the little things, and I will honor you and will make you a light “set on a hill that cannot be hid” (Matthew 5:14)! Those who are seeking for you, they do it because they recognize the loving Spirit that I poured upon you, for your faithfulness in following My instructions! Continue to follow My footsteps, and don’t let yourself be sidetracked by the sirens of this world who would waste your time and health! “Follow Me closely, and I will make …

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[16 Jul 2009 | Comments Off on WFJ: A taste of things to come! | ]

What you are experiencing is but a taste of the things to come!
What I have in store for those who are hungry and thirsty for My Spirit is something that your mind can’t even grasp at this moment of time, but I promise you that it will not only satisfy your soul, but it will also give you the strength and power to experience the miracles that I will do, both in your heart, as well as in the hearts of your loved ones!
Come to Me, all ye that …

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[15 Jul 2009 | Comments Off on WFJ: The blessings of a hungry heart! | ]

The heart that turns to Me hungry will be filled! For as you come before Me with a hungry and thirsty heart, you create a vacuum in your soul which pulls the virtues out of My being! Is that hunger and thirst that creates the vacuum, and it’s that vacuum that pulls the virtue out of Me! Without a hunger and a thirst there’s no vacuum, and therefore there’s no virtue!
“He filled the hungry with good things; but the rich He sent empty away.” (Luke 1:53)
Why were the rich …

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[14 Jul 2009 | Comments Off on WFJ: The first fruits of your time! | ]

My dearest one, don’t hesitate to come unto Me first thing in the morning, for I’m waiting for you to just come and find in Me your rest! You don’t have to struggle through your day wondering if you’re doing the right thing, or whether you’re missing the best that I have for you! Just come to Me and honor Me with the best of your time, the first fruits of your day, before everything starts to get into motion and you are pulled on each side with the many …

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[10 Jul 2009 | Comments Off on WFJ: Your first love! | ]

I understand your human nature and know what a struggle it is for you to take time with Me, simply because there are invisible forces trying to distract you from it! What you need to understand, My child, is that they are keeping you busy with what looks like “good” to you, but it’s not the “best” that you should be doing, because your number one duty is to “love Me with all your heart and mind and soul.” Anything else that you put before Me is nothing but a …