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HBH: God’s Will And Your Life

14 May 2009 No Comment

Title: God’s Will And Your Life (Week 1)
Subtitle: Healing Broken Hearts
Category: Coaching, Journaling
Date/Time: Thursday, May 14, 2009, 3 pm EST (9 pm Rome Time)
Hosts: Renato and Patrizia Amato
Guest Panelist: Dr. Randy Peck
Language: English and Italian (both)
Cost: FREE Webinar

Description: Is your heart broken? Do you need healing from something that happened in the past? Are you ready to move on and step into the brighter future that God has for you?

CLICK HERE to reserve your seat for this Life-Changing webinar.

We’re launching a new series of webinars in Italian, to be broadcast on Thursday, 9 pm, of every other week, to teach you how to hear God’s voice so that you can know Him intimately and experience the healing of your broken heart. You, your family and friends, are all invited to participate to this important event that can be followed from the comfort of your home. The Webinar is FREE and it offers you inspiration and transformation.

The Lord recently told me: “If you teach my children how to hear My voice in their hearts, you won’t have to heal their broken hearts, but I will heal them through the voice of My Spirit who speaks to their hearts; but you have to teach them to hear it!”

Our special guest panelist for this first Italian Webinar is Dr. Randy Peck, one of the most expert “journalers” in the world. In 2007 he forsook his well paid medical profession and took a sabbatical year of rest, in order to follow his passion and the job that God had entrusted him with: He is famous as a Connector, for God has anointed him to connect people, ideas and resources throughout the whole world.

Come and be inspired by this uncommon story written by God. It will help start a healing process for your broken heart.

Listen to audio recording of the webinar (60 minutes)


Renato Amato

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